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James Cunliffe

★ Brass Bear Productions Ltd | Video's shown on Sky News ★

** Projects: Paddle of Britain, National College for High Speed Rail, United Living, Chevrolet and more! **

Hi, I run a video production company in the Greater Manchester area with my talented co-director Luke Barnett. Together we shoot and edit professional corporate and promotional videos, short films and weddings. We joined the media world just as things were going from analogue to digital and have pledged to stay at the forefront of the technological changes within our industry. This see's us handling social media cut downs and exporting video's to all modern formats as well as shooting with the most up to date gear and equipment.

We're always open to meeting new clients and shooting a wide range of video, if you're after some help with that we're happy to give advice and put your story in motion.


James Cunliffe


Salford, England